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Open Access publication of Markus Schleiter’s „Die Birhor“

The Draupadi publishing house in Heidelberg and CrossAsia-eBooks started in Spring 2017 a co-operation to publish electronic Open Access versions of selected books on South Asia that appeared originally as print editions and are not scheduled for reprint. The second Draupadi title offered by CrossAsia-eBooks is Die Birhor - Ethnographie und die Folgen: ein indischer “Stamm” im Spiegel kolonialer und postkolonialer Beschreibungen (URL), a PhD dissertation by the ethnologist Markus Schleiter. The print edition is still available in bookshops or directly at the Draupadi publishing house.

New Publication on CrossAsia-eBooks: Übersetzung als kultureller Transfer

CrossAsia-eBooks, the Open Access publication platform for Asian studies, is pleased to announce a new publication: There exist many tales about the Indian king Vikrama in different Indian languages. Persian versions emerged during the 16th century, when the Persian language was one of the many literary languages and also functioned as administrative language in India. In her study Übersetzung als kultureller Transfer: Eine Untersuchung persischer Versionen des indischen Vikrama-Erzählzyklus (URL) Anna Martin, postdoctoral research fellow at the Department of Iranian Studies at the University of Marburg, examines a 17th century Persian adaptation of the Vikrama story called the Kisanbilas („Kisan’s dalliance“) by an author named Kisandas.

The book can be read and downloaded as a whole or in individual chapters on the CrossAsia-eBooks website. In addition it can also be purchased as a hard cover edition at local bookstores or

If you are interested in publishing your work with CrossAsia-eBooks, please find here further information.

CrossAsia-eBooks is a service of Heidelberg University Library and the South Asia Institute in cooperation with the Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin and funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) and its Specialised Information Service Programme (FID).

Chapters by Axel Michaels in "The Oxford History of Hinduism"

The recently published book „The Oxford History of Hinduism: Hindu Law - A New History of Dharmaśāstra“, editet by Patrick Olivelle and Donald R. Davis, includes the chapters “Rites of Passage: saṃskāras” and “Ritual” by Prof. Dr. Axel Michaels (former head of the Department of Classical Indology). Further information is available here.

Through pointed studies of important aspects and topics of dharma in Dharmaśāstra, this comprehensive collection shows that the history of Hinduism cannot be written without the history of Hindu law. Part One provides a concise overview of the literary genres in which Dharmasastra was written with attention to chronology and historical developments. This study divides the tradition into its two major historical periods—the origins and formation of the classical texts and the later genres of commentary and digest—in order to provide a thorough, but manageable overview of the textual bases of the tradition. Part Two presents descriptive and historical studies of all the major substantive topics of Dharmasastra. Each chapter offers readers with salest knowledge of the debates, transformations, and fluctcating importance of each topic. Indirectly, readers will also gain insight into the ethos or worldview of religious law in Hinduism, enabling them to get a feel for how dharma authors thought and why. Part Three contains brief studies of the impact and reception of Dharmasastra in other South Asian cultural and textual traditions. Finally, Part Four draws inspiration from "critical terms" in contemporary legal and religious studies to analyze Dharmasastra texts. Contributors offer interpretive views of Dharmasastra that start from hermeneutic and social concerns today.

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