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Urdu-Intensive Course:
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Urdu Intensive Course

“Intensive Courses in Spoken and Written Urdu”

2-20September 2019

The South Asia Institute at Heidelberg University, Germany, will offer introductory, intermediate and advanced courses in Urdu during the summer vacations 2019

In the introductory course, students develop speaking, reading, listening and writing skills and acquire basic vocabulary as well as knowledge of the main grammatical structures and conversational etiquette of Urdu.

At the intermediate level, students expand their vocabulary, their knowledge of grammatical structures and develop ease and confidence in dealing with communicative tasks.

The advanced course is designed to develop communicative skills, grammatical accuracy and the ability to understand complex texts. Particular stress will also be laid on listening comprehension.

All participants are requested to acquire a basic knowledge of the Urdu script prior to the course. For this purpose, we recommend: Richard Delacy, Beginner’s Urdu Script. (Teach Yourself Series), ISBN 0-340-86028-6.

We will mainly use our own teaching material. It is, however, recommendable for participants of the introductory course to purchase the book Urdu für Anfänger by Christina Oesterheld and Amtul Manan Tahir, Buske 2016, ISBN 978-3-87548-776-3. Participants who are not acquainted with German are advised to refer to Beginning Urdu: A Complete Course by Joshua H. Pien and Fauzia Farooqui, Georgetown University Press 2012, ISBN 978-1589017788.

Classes are scheduled to take place from Monday to Friday, 9.30 am to 3.30 pm. Participants who take part in the full programme and pass the written tests will be awarded 7 ECTS or equivalent credits.

Time: 2-20 September 2019
Venue: South Asia Institute Heidelberg
Fee: 250 Euro
Deadline: 31st May 2019
Contact: Rishal Rahul Haque

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