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Neusprachliche Südasienstudien
Article "Translating Science—Comparing Religions" by Arian Hopf
"Translating Islam, Translating Religion: Conceptions of Religion and Islam in the Aligarh Movement" by Arian Hopf
Article “Feeding on Abjects: 'Symbolic' Cooking and Consuming of Dead Bodies in the Modern Hindi Novel” by Justyna Kurowska.
Festschrift in honour of Rahul Peter Das by Carmen Brandt and Hans Harder.
"Mythos und Moloch" by Johanna Hahn.
"Hypermasculinity in Bengali Comic Books" by Hans Harder.
Published volume "Ritual Journeys in South Asia: Constellations and Contestations of Mobility and Space" by Jürgen Schaflechner and Christoph Bergmann.
Article "Migrant literary genres: Transcultural moments and scales of transculturality" by Hans Harder.
Article "(Re)constructing the Origin: Countering European Critique with Historiography in Hali’s Musaddas and Ameer Ali’s The Spirit of Islam" by Arian Hopf.
Published volume "Pakistan: Alternative Imag(in)ings of the Nation State" by Jürgen Schaflechner and Christina Oesterheld.
Jürgen Schaflechner's monography "Hinglaj Devi: Identity, Change, and Solidification at a Hindu Temple in Pakistan" published by Oxford University Press.
Publication of Ismat Chughtais "Das Brautkleid" translated by Christina Oesterheld.
Novel "Herbert. Ein Kalkutta-Roman" by Nabarun Bhattacharya published, which was translated out of Bengali into German by Hans Harder.
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Modern South Asian Languages and Literatures

15th - 17th March 2021

Language Ideologies and the 'Vernacular' in South Asian Colonial and Post-colonial Literature(s) and Public Spheres

Organised by Department of English, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi in collaboration with Department of Modern South Asian Languages and Literatures. Please turn here for information about the schedule and for the book of abstracts. Please register here.

Translating Islam, Translating Religion : Conceptions of Religion and Islam in the Aligarh Movement

CrossAsia-eBooks has published Translating Islam, Translating Religion: Conceptions of Religion and Islam in the Aligarh Movement by Arian Hopf.

Urdu Summer School. Intensive Courses in Spoken and Written Urdu. 16th August - 3rd September 2021

The South Asia Institute at Heidelberg University, Germany, will offer introductory and advanced courses in Urdu during the summer vacations 2021. More information here.

Vishwa Hindi Diwas 2021 celebrated by The Tagore Centre India in Germany - Remembering Phanishwar Nath Renu, a great writer of the regional Hindi literature on his birth centenary 

Gautam Liu presented on "Doctor Devta: On the apotheosis of a Western trained physician in Renu´s Maila Anchal". Maila Anchal (1954) is considered a masterpiece by the Hindi writer Phanishwarnath Renu (1921-1977), who in it draws an epic moral picture of a village in Bihar. The lecture deals with the apotheosis of a western-trained doctor to a prototype of a modern secular saint on the eve of India's independence in 1947. Photos from the event are available here More information on the programme here

Jaipur Hindi Course 2021 cancelled

Due to the current situation, we are forced to cancel our annual Intensive Hindi Course in Jaipur, organised jointly by SAI in cooperation with Universität Würzburg and traditionally takes place during the spring break. More about the course here

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