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New publication on CrossAsia-eBooks
CrossAsia-eBooks, the Open Access publication platform for Asian studies, is pleased to announce a new publication:
The historian Martina Franke examines in her dissertation Hoffnungsträger und  Sorgenkind Südasien: Westdeutsche Betrachtungen und Begegnungen zwischen 1947 und 1973 the perception of the South Asian countries in a West German political public changing in the course of time.

The medially transported views on Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India, and the views on occurrences such as the conflict between India and Portugal over Goa or the German-Indian cooperation to build the steel mill in Rourkela reveal different perspectives. The perception of the political development in South Asia until the beginning of the 1970s was in connection with the debates on granting and use of development aid. In the course of this generational affiliations and different life experiences left an imprint on the self- and external perception.

The book is a revised version of a PhD thesis submitted to the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science, Humboldt University Berlin.

The book can be read and downloaded as a whole or in individual chapters on the CrossAsia-eBooks website. In addition “Hoffnungsträger und Sorgenkind Südasien” can also be purchased as a hard cover edition at local bookstores or

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23 Mar 2017

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Ort: Z10, Im Neuenheimer Feld 330
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