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Summer Seminar by Anand Mishra & Naphtali Meshel (5.-25.8.2015)

From 5th to 25th August 2015 Anand Mishra (Dept. Classical Indology, South Asia Institute) and Naphtali Meshel (Religion and Judaic Studies, Princeton University) will conduct a Summer Seminar in Princeton and Varanasi on Exploring Universals: Ritual and Linguistic Structures. The Seminar is funded by the David A. Gardner '69 Magic Project, Princeton University.

Rituals and languages are primary human accomplishments that point towards the existence of complex underlying structures. Are there universal principles that direct rituals and  languages? If so, how can one comprehend or formulate them? Is there a rigorous 'Universal Grammar' common to languages and non-linguistics ritual systems?

For more information, please see the seminar website and the poster.
15 Jul 2015
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