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Prize for SAI Graduate

The former doctoral student of the department of Anthropology, South Asia Institute, Dr. Johannes Quack, was honored with the Max Weber Prize for Junior Research for his dissertation entitled "Disenchanting India: Organized Rationalism and Criticism of Religion in India" , which was written in 2009

The Max Weber Centre for Advanced Cultural and Social Studies of the University of Erfurt awarded this prize for outstanding work in the field of religious research for the first time in the winter term 2012/13.

In his dissertation, Dr. Quack opposes the traditional image of India as a purely religious society with a contrary picture and examines for this purpose the contemporary rationalist movement in India, which has connections to both ancient atheistic India and modern European history.

Dr. Johannes Quack currently heads the Emmy Noether project focusing on "Diversity of Non-Religiosity“ at Goethe University of Frankfurt.

02 Apr 2013
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