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Workshop "Spaces in-between: from non-place to shared space in developmental cities", Max Mueller Bhavan 19-23 October 2010

The Research group of “Difference, Danger and New Urban Imaginaries of the Public in Asia and Europe” (B11) is convening its 2010 Annual Workshop in New Delhi. It takes us into the world of gated communities, coffeehouses, spas and public parks where we are exploring how emerging transnational class spaces in Shanghai and New Delhi are not only consumed but are also lived, sensed and shared as “in-between” place of gentrification. The event brings together the core members of the group, along with invited international guest experts. It is convened as a forum for academic discussion, as a public roundtable on comparative urbanism, and as an opportunity to experience the sites of New Delhi’s changing public spheres in a series of walks and tours around the city.

A public keynote is delivered by China specialist Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom. In his talk on colonial cities, Professor Wasserstrom discusses Shanghai’s globalisation from the viewpoint of entertainment and leisure venues, and explores the global encounters which these spaces have encouraged, barred or regulated over the course of the city’s rich history. The workshop is organised in cooperation with Goethe-Institute Max Mueller Bhavan and the Sarai network / Centre for the Study of Developing Societies in New Delhi.
For detailed information on the programme and schedule, please visit  the workshop website “Spaces in-between: from non-place to shared space in developmental cities”

Posted on 11 Oct 2010
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