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Urdu Intensive Course

2-20 September 2019
Deadline: 31 Mai 2019
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Events on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka
We are shocked by the events on Easter Sunday in Sri Lanka and we are deeply saddened by the fact that more than 300 people lost their lives and many more were injured, the vast majority of these victims being Sri Lankan citizens. We stand in solidarity with all affected by the murderous attacks in Sri Lanka on April 21st 2019. The SAI sends heartfelt condolences and hopes for a full recovery to the hundreds of people injured.
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Welcome to Dr. Shonaleeka Kaul

We cordially welcome Dr. Shonaleeka Kaul as DAAD scholarship holder at the Department of History in summer term 2019 (from May to July 2019) at the South Asia Institute. She is a cultural historian of early South Asia, specializing in working with Sanskrit texts. She is currently Associate Professor at the Center for Historical Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, where she received in 2006 her PhD and in 2000 her M.A. in history.

Her areas of research comprise early Indian history, with special emphasis on classical Sanskrit literature (kāvya), cultural history, history of ideas, behavioural history, gender, urbanism, literary theory, cultural transmission, regional Studies and history of early Kashmir.

Shonaleena Kaul will teach the following courses (starting on 2 May):

- Lecture course “Early India: Introduction to Cultural History” (Friday, 9-11 am, room 130.00.03)

- Advanced seminar on “Gender and Literature in Early India” (Friday, 2-4 pm, room 130.00.03)

- Reading Course “History and Memory in Premodern South Asia” (Thursday, 2-4 pm, room 011.00.01)

Shonaleeka Kaul was a Malathy Singh Distinguished Lecturer in South Asian Studies at Yale University, USA from 2007-08 and a Jan Gonda Fellow in Indology at Leiden University, The Netherlands in 2014. Her newest book “The Making of Early Kashmir: Landscape and Identity in the Rajatarangini”, was published in 2018 by Oxford University Press, Delhi and two more monographs (Eloquent Spaces: Meaning and Community in Early Indian Architecture and Looking Within: Life Lessons from Lal Ded) are forthcoming. Other publications include “Cultural History of Early South Asia: A Reader” (edited volume, 2013) and “Imagining the Urban: Sanskrit and the City in Early India” (2010).

Further information is available here:


Lecture by Prof. Pranab Bardhan on 3 May 2019

The South Asia Institute cordially invites to the first public lecture in the Institute’s new Bergheim location by Prof. Pranab Bardhan, „Governance Issues in Economic Development: A China-India Perspective“. The lecture will take place on Friday, May 3, 2019, 2:15 – 3:45 pm in the new grand Lecture Hall of CATS (Großer Hörsaal, Voßstrasse 2, Room 110.01.05).  (Poster)

There will be opening remarks by Prof. Dr. Aurel Croissant, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. The lecture will be followed by a reception hosted by SAI’s Department of Political Science

In his talk, Prof. Bardhan will go beyond the usual simplistic authoritarianism-democracy distinction in the China-India comparative discussion and discuss in detail issues of internal organization of government, abuse of governance and corruption, and decentralized structures and practices in the two countries.

Pranab Bardhan is Professor of Graduate School at the Department of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley. He holds a PhD degree from Cambridge University and had previously been on the faculty of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Indian Statistical Institute and the Delhi School of Economics.

Special Issue of India Review by Himanshu Jha and Jivanta Schottli

Dr. Himanshu and Dr. Jivanta Schottli jointly edited the special Issue of India Review on "Globalization and Governance in India". Prof. Rahul Mukherji provided the introduction to the latest journal issue which includes also insightful articles authored by Dr.Jivanta Schottli and Prof. Markus Pohlmann, Dr. Himanshu Jha, Dr. Aseema Sinha and Dr. Markus Pauli. The special issue ends with an epilogue by Prof. Subrata K. Mitra and can be accessed here.


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Lectures and Events

Freitag, 03.05.2019
Governance Issues in Economic Development: A China-India Perspective
Zeit: 14:15 Uhr - 16:00 Uhr
Ort: Großer Hörsaal (Raum 110.01.05, CATS), Voßstraße 2
Referent: Prof. Pranab Bardhan, Department of Economics, University of California, Berkeley
Veranstalter: Abteilung Politische Wissenschaft
Dienstag, 07.05.2019
 „In me the tiger sniffs the rose …”
Zeit: 16:00 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr
Ort: Raum 06, Voßstraße 2
Referent: Ruixuan Chen, Universität Heidelberg, Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies
Veranstalter: Abteilung Kultur und Religionsgeschichte Südasiens
Dienstag, 21.05.2019
‘Text and Codex: A case study relating to the seventeenth century Rajasthan’
Zeit: 16:00 Uhr - 18:00 Uhr
Ort: 06, Voßstrasse 2
Referent: Monika Boehm-Tettelbach
Veranstalter: Abteilung Kultur und Religionsgeschichte Südasiens
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