Published in Bangladesh Gazette Extraordinary
Dated 4th October, 1991

Presidential Election (Second Amendment) Ordinance, 1991

Ordinance No.36, 1991

An Ordinance made to amend the Presidential Election Act, 1991

Whereas it is expedient to amend the Presidential Election Act, 1991 (Act No.27 of 1991) for the following purpose;

and whereas Parliament is not in session and the Acting President is satisfied that circumstances exist which render immediate action necessary;

Now, therefore, in exercise of the powers conferred to him by article 93 (1) of the Constitution of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, the Acting President is pleased to make and promulgate the following Ordinance:-

1. Short title.- This Ordinance may be called the Presidential Election (Second Amendment) Ordinance, 1991.

2. Amendment of section 10 of Act No.27 of 1991.- Sub-section (6) of section 10 of the Presidential Election Act (Act No.27 of 1991) shall be omitted.