The Heidelberg
Bangladesh Law Translation

After the Government of Bangladesh decided to have acts and ordinances published only in Bangla, Dr. Dieter Conrad (1932-2001), then head of the Department of Law of the South Asia Institute (SAI) of Heidelberg University, started a project for translating select acts and ordinances of the years 1985 to 1995 into English. Under the supervision of Dr Alokeranjan Dasgupta of the SAI's Department of Modern Languages and Literatures Dr Hans Harder and Friedhelm Armbrust translated the texts.

In order to make these translations available for research to those specialists who have not sufficient command of Bangla, the South Asia Institute has been publishing them via Internet. The project has been discontinued for the time being. This website could, however, serve as a bulletin board for similar projects.

Disclaimer: The Heidelberg translations are strictly for academic purpose and have not been authorized by the Bangladesh or any other government. No responsibility can be taken for the correctness on the side of Heidelberg University, the South Asia Institute, the project leader, the members of the translation team or the web master.

Copyright: All copyrights of the translations rest with South Asia Institute of Heidelberg University, the project leader and the translators.

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