Module handbook

Current module handbook (2016)

Examination regulations

current examination regulation (2015)
Prüfungsordnung(2015)(german Version)

Academic Advisors

Dr. Heribert Beckmann
SAI, Room 02.23, Tel.: +49 6221 54-15234
Office hours: Wednesday 9-11 Uhr

End of Study

Please find all admission requirements for the master's examination in the examination regulations in § 13 and § 14. The registration must be made in writing. For this please fill in the registration form on time and submit it along with all necessary certificates to the office of the registrar.
[Examination application]

Supervisor / Referee
Your master's thesis will be evaluated by two referees. One of these referees must be a professor. The first referee is your supervisor..

Examiner / Minute taker
The oral examination will be conducted by one examiner. This examiner does not necessarily need to be a professor nor one of your referees. However, the examiner must be from the same discipline in which you write your master's thesis. The minute taker will be organized by the examiner. The minute taker must at least hold a master's degree in South Asian Studies or in the discipline to be examined. The minute taker protocols the progress of the examination and must not ask examination question him-/herself.