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Buchkapitel von Bernhard Beitelmair-Berini in "Theorizing India’s Foreign Policy” erschienen
 Bei Routledge ist kürzlich das Buch "Theorizing India’s Foreign Policy” (Herausgeber Mischa Hansel, Raphaelle Khan und Melissa Levaillant) erschienen, welches ein Kapitel von Bernhard Beitelmair-Berini (Doktorand und wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter in der Abteilung Politikwissenschaft des SAI) mit dem Titel „Theorizing Indian Strategic Culture(s): Taking Stock of a Controversial Debate“ enthält. 
The chapter by Bernhard Beitelmair-Berini takes issue with the popular notion of a strategic culture deficit in India. He argues that at least four strategic subcultures compete with each other in Indian foreign policy discourses:  Nehruvian, Liberal Globalist, Leftists and Hindu Revivalist. These schools of thinking originate from, (re)interpret and/or mix a vast array of ancient, pre-  and post-independence intellectual sources. 
This chapter ultimately highlights the need to foster a discussion between the social sciences and the humanities, particularly literature and language studies, in order to theorise traditions of strategic thought on India. “Theorizing Indian Foreign Policy” draws together the study of contemporary Indian foreign policy.  

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28 Jun 2017
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