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Torsten Tschacher

Torsten Tschacher, PhD

Room: 130.02.04
Phone: +49 6221 54 15272


Research interests

Islam and Muslim societies in South India and Sri Lanka;

Tamil Literature since 1500;

Interactions between South India and Southeast Asia;

Religious history of South India and Sri Lanka;

Islam in Asian societies;

History of the Indian Ocean

Research projects:

• Literature, Islam and Society in the Tamil World, 1572-1842 [Book project regarding the social context as well as the literary and religious self-conceptions of early Islamic Tamil literature]

• Islam, Ethnicity, and Representation in the Bay of Bengal, 1750-1850 [a study about the role of Islam in processes of ethnicity and representation in the southern Bay of Bengal (South India, Sri Lanka, Malay Peninsula, Sumatra) during the transition to colonial rule, based on Tamil, Malay, and Arab sources]

• Arabic Textual Cultures in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka [documentation of the Arabic texts written and transmitted in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, their material and social contexts, and their interaction with Islamic literature in Tamil]

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