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Elizaveta Ilves

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Text-image relations in Colonial Bengal

´Text-image relations in colonial Bengal´ is a research project about how text and image function together in a particular historical context. Colonial Bengal is especially interesting as it can be seen as one of the most intense moments of cultural interaction between Asia and Europe in a colonial setting. A major impetus behind this interaction was due to the dramatic expansion of communication methods and growing print technologies. Introduction and rapid growth of modern print forms created a special platform for communication between 'pre-existent' and indigenous traditions and foreign influence; which in its turn gave rise to the new styles of combining text and image. What happens within the text-image units (e.g. if a new language of expression is formed or it is a representation of one medium through the other)? What were these units intended to do and how do we look at them now? What are the effects that evolved out of intercultural synergy for this text-image idiom? These are the major questions that I am posing in my research while analyzing (a) satirical cartoons, (b) children's literature, and (c) collections of poems and paintings of colonial Bengal.

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