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Poetry and Social Activism: Poetry recitation and discussion with Jameela Nishat
The South Asia Institute cordially invites to the lecture by Jameela Nishat. The Urdu author will give a talk on "Poetry and Social / Political Activism: My Life Experience" on Tuesday 25 October at 2 pm sharp at the SAI, room E11. In her lecture, she narrates her personal experiences regarding her political commitment.
Jameela Nishat who is visiting Germany as part of the project “Poets Translating Poets” is an eminent feminist Urdu poet from Hyderabad. In 2012 she founded the „Shaheen Collective  -  Shaheen’s Women Resource and Welfare Association” which is dedicated to education and vocational training for Muslim women and fights against domestic and social violence. She will share her life experience with us and will read from her poetry, which has also been translated, into English and several Indian languages. This reading is also the spin-off event for Hans Harder’s winter-term seminar on “Modern Poetry in South Asia”.
Posted on 17 Oct 2016
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