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Intensive Hindi Kurs in Jaipur 21st February - 19th March 2022
The Department of Modern South Asian Languages and Literature in cooperation with the Indo-German-Society in Jaipur offers its annual intensive Hindi course. It is aimed at all students and interested persons who already have a good basic knowledge of Hindi. The intensive lessons with native-speakers enable the participants to deepen their language skills, to automate grammar structures and to acquire new vocabulary. In addition, they are motivated to actively use Hindi in class and everyday life.
For more information, see the poster.
Posted on 08 Dec 2021
Jashn-e Iqbal
On the occasion of Muhammad Iqbal's (1877-1934) 144th birthday, the Department of Modern South Asian Languages and Literatures invites all to a reading of selected poems by the poet and philosopher on 9th of November in room 010.01.05. (Poster)
Posted on 26 Oct 2021
Bangladesh Studies across Disciplines
Date 29-30 October 2021

From 29 to 30 October 2021 the 6th Bangladesh Studies Network Conference will be taking place in Heidelberg.

The European Bangladesh Studies Network brings together people in Europe studying Bangladesh. While there are a lot of research activities on Bangladesh in various disciplines, these are often only interconnected by chance or personal networks. They are hardly visible to the outside, with Bangladesh remaining, particularly in the social sciences and humanities, an appendix to South Asian Studies which focus on India, and, to a lesser degree, Pakistan. By creating a forum for perceiving interconnections and providing visibility, this conference contributes to strengthening Bangladesh Studies as a field and to eliminating blind spots within Bangladesh studies.

Venue: Heidelberg University, South Asia Institute, Vossstraße 2, Building 4130, 69115 Heidelberg

Kindly send your abstracts, registration and queries to Dunya Wasella

More details here.

Click here for information on accommodation and travel

Posted on 15 Sep 2021
Start of the lecture series "Bangladesh Studies – Culture, Politics, Migration"
The topic of the first (video) event of the new SAI lecture series "Bangladesh Studies - Culture, Politics, Migration" on Thursday, April 15, 4.15pm - 6pm (CET), is "Socio-cultural Developments and Women´s Rights in the Bangladesh Diaspora". Mr. Hamidul Khan (founder of Immigrant Book Fair/Frankfurt a.M., publisher: "Rokeya. The most important women´s rights activist of Bangladesh and India", Bertugan Publishing House, Dec. 2020) and Ms. Eshita Binte Shirin Nazrul (PhD student, Institute of Oriental and Asian Studies, University of Bonn) will be the speakers. You can download the poster here.
Posted on 08 Apr 2021
Translating Islam, Translating Religion : Conceptions of Religion and Islam in the Aligarh Movement
CrossAsia-eBooks has published Translating Islam, Translating Religion: Conceptions of Religion and Islam in the Aligarh Movement by Arian Hopf.
Religion is commonly perceived as an unequivocally defined concept. However, a historic perspective raises questions about this understanding and reveals religion as a concept that developed only in a process of negotiation with other religions. In particular, the 19th century is of special interest in this regard, as the colonial encounter intensifies tremendously in South Asia. The religions of South Asia are scrutinised, categorised and compared to Christianity by Europeans, which leads to the development of religion as abstractum. Missionary and orientalist critique as well as modern science pose to be an entirely new confrontation for the Muslims of South Asia. This book aims to analyse Muslim responses to this confrontation, which imply a translation of Islam as a religion as well as an adaption of the concept of religion itself. The Aligarh Movement is of particular interest in this regard, as it intensively engages in these debates, trying to integrate a re-interpretation of Islam in these discourses.

Posted on 05 Mar 2021

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