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International Conference "Philosophy and Science - Indo-German Dialogues and Dimensions" 11. - 13. July 2013
We cordially invite to the International Conference entitled "Philosophy and Science - Indo-German Dialogues and Dimensions".
The opening of the conference is initiated on Thursday, 11th July, 2013 at 6 p. m. in Senatssaal, Alte Universität Heidelberg. On 12th and 13th July the conference takes place in the Heinrich-Zimmer-Saal, SAI-Library.

The study of Indo-German intellectual exchange over the last two hundred years has often been overwhelmed by the shadow of infatuation that the German Romantics had with India. But this fascination and the subsequent emergence and institutionalization of German Indology had a significant impact on prominent   nationalist thinkers in India, Vivekananda being one of them. Even though these are quite different movements, they are to some extent interconnected and tend to be conflated. Taken together, they may be said to constitute the one strand in Indo-German encounters that even today dominates public perception. However, there are in addition other very vital lines of exchange in many areas of the sciences, social sciences and humanities that are culturally significant. Whether in psychology or aeronautics, chemistry or sociology, art history or political theory, Indo-German dialogues have brought into existence other interfaces that equally deserve highlighting, and may prove to have been as important as the strand outlined above. These exchanges have not only been affected through individuals, but through institutions of higher learning, learned societies and professional associations.
On the occasion of Vivekananda's 150th birth anniversary, the ICCR has felt the need to collaboratively host a commemorative conference celebrating this exchange. The conference aims at elaborating and engaging with the variety of these scientific interactions and intellectual and institutional contacts that  enrich our appreciation of this Indo-German encounter. To what degree were these encounters connected with each other? Did they have a national dimension - i.e., did 'Indianness' and 'Germanness' matter, and if so in which way and to what extent? What role do they play in transforming or shaping contemporary research priorities and disciplinary and institutional profiles? How do they inform current Indo-German academic and technical collaboration, co-operation and scholarly exchange? The conference will bring together German, Indian and international scholars who will gather to address these questions in a number of thematic panels. In this way, the conference will attempt to set up a comprehensive and contemporary perspective on Indo-German exchanges in the past and their bearings on the present.

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Posted on 17 Jun 2013
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