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Bitte wenden Sie sich im Falle von Übergriffen, Mobbing, Stalking, Diskriminierung direkt an die Ansprechpersonen der Universität hier.

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Solidary Statement of SAI

The South Asia Institute at Heidelberg University strongly condemns the attacks on JNU students and faculty on the evening of 5 January 2020, during a peace meeting on campus. We strongly condemn this attempt to intimidate those who speak up about important issues on and beyond campus. We call for peace and restraint from all sides, and condemn violence in the strongest possible terms. Dynamic, even controversial debate, the lifeblood of democracies, requires civil safety and state protection. The perpetrators of violence should be located, brought to justice and citizens should be allowed to express themselves freely within the limits imposed by the constitution. Universities must be safe spaces for debate, discussion and learning.

We stand in solidarity with our colleagues, students and faculty at JNU.

Dienstag, 07. Januar.


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