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Microfilm-Ordering Process
Starting from June 1, 2016 we resume the microfilm-ordering process of the former Nepal Research Centre (NRC) at the National Archives in Kathmandu.


Recent Projects

Ageing in a transcultural context (B19)

This interdisciplinary research group combines such disciplines as Gerontology, Indology, and Visual and Media Anthropology. It focuses on ageing in a transcultural urban context.


Ageing in Urban Nepal

This anthropological PhD project explores the perspectives of senior citizens on migration, urbanization, and social change in the Kathmandu Valley. It is part of the interdisciplinary research project "Ageing in a Transcultural Context (B19)".


Beaming Romantic Love (B18)

This research project looks at a host of images, media representations and discourses related to Valentine's Day in India in Nepal. It explores tensions and different dimensions of transcultural flows of this 'ritual event' and collects data of these impacts on notions of youth, adulthood, friendship, family, love, and leisure. 


Borders Reimagined: Notions of Identity, Belonging, and Place in a Himalayan Valley of Nepal


Documents on the History of Religion and Law of Pre-modern Nepal

This project aims at understanding developments the formation of the Himalayan state entailed, such as the restructuring of social institutions or the expansion of Hindu rule.


IERA - Himal: Integrated Earthquake Risk Assessment for the Himalayan Region

The proposed project integrates the assessment of direct physical damage (i.e., damage to housing stock) and the socio-economic dimensions of specific vulnerability taking into account dynamic interactions among hazards and development processes such as urbanization and rapid population growth.


Landslide Hazard and Vulnerability: Unsafe Conditions in the Middle Hills of Nepal

The basic goal of the research project is to improve the understanding of the unsafe conditions of local people living in rural mountain regions.


Life-Cycle Rites de Passage in Nepal (Subproject A2)

This project aims to research life cycle rituals in Nepal. Although these rites de passage constitute an essential part of the ritual structure, a comprehensive investigation of the cycle has yet to be conducted.


Ontology modeling for ritual structure research (Subproject A10)

The project's goal is to develop a formal model for the representation of rituals. To this end, a selected set of rituals will be analyzed and semantically annotated with general and ritual-specific concepts.


Rethinking Art (B20)

The project approaches the entanglements of anthropology and art, in theory and methodology, by using transculturality as a conceptual key in order to challenge and push the discipline's conceptual and methodological boundaries in the context of globalized cultural production. It makes use of transcultural ethnography to better understand globalized art circuits, institutions, and agents.

Past Projects

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