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Starting from June 1, 2016 we resume the microfilm-ordering process of the former Nepal Research Centre (NRC) at the National Archives in Kathmandu.
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Sudip Pokharel on "Recovery and Politics in Post-Earthquake Nepal," January 12
A devastating earthquake struck Nepal on 25 April 2015, killing thousands, injuring tens of thousands more, and damaging and destroying hundreds of thousands of houses, as well as public infrastructure. Less than three weeks later, on 12 May 2015, another major quake hit, bringing further destruction and misery. Recovery and reconstruction plans have since been implemented slowly leaving many without the aid they urgently need to survive the winter and to rebuild. Factors preventing a faster response during the second half of 2015 were political agreements to fast-track Nepal’s new constitution, the formation of a new government, subsequent political protests, as well as a blockade on Nepal’s border with India, among others.

This presentation will discuss the immediate disaster response, how effective the aid response has been up to now, and how political turmoil has affected recovery and reconstruction after the earthquakes.

The discussion is based on qualitative field research conducted by Democracy Resource Center Nepal in eighteen Village Development Committees (VDCs) across six earthquake-affected districts. This is a part of a broader research project produced by The Asia Foundation and supported by UK Aid and the Swiss Development Cooperation. The project focuses on how the earthquakes and the disaster response shape economic recovery, social relations, leadership, and politics in Nepal.

Tuesday, January 12, SAI Heidelberg, Room 316, 2-4 pm

Sudip Pokharel is Director of the Democracy Resource Center Nepal.
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