"Publications of the Research Centre for International Agrarian Development, Heidelberg"

(ISSN 0302-8704)

Verlag der ssip - Schriften Breitenbach, Saarbrücken

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ISBN 3-88156-014-9.
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ISBN 3-88156-056-4

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ISBN 3-88156-041-6)

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ISBN 3-88156-160-9


"Studies in Applied Economics and Rural Institutions / Publications of the Research Centre for International Agrarian & Economic Development, Heidelberg"

(ISSN 0177-0160)

Editor: Prof. Dr. Oscar GANS
Executive editor: Dr. Ottfried C. KIRSCH

Verlag breitenbach Publishers
Memeler Straße 50, 6600 Saarbrücken, Germany
P.O.B. 16243 Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 33318-6243, USA


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ISBN 3-88156-457-8

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ISBN 3-88156-458-6


"Heidelberg Studies in Applied Economics and Rural Institutions / Publications of the Research Centre for International Agrarian & Economic Development"

(ISSN 0177-0160)

Editor: Prof. Dr. Oscar GANS
Executive editor: Dr. Ottfried C. KIRSCH

vfe Verlag für Entwicklungspolitik Saarbrücken GmbH
Villa Fledermaus, Auf der Adt 14, D-66130 Saarbrücken


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KIRSCH, O.C.: The Social Dimensions of Adjustment: The Role of SHOs, NGOs and Government in Poverty Alleviation in Sri Lanka

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ISBN 3-88156-712-7

WOLZ, Axel, Pham Minh Tri, Ottfried C. Kirsch: Promotion of Self-Help in Rural Vietnam , 2002

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