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Current Ph.D. projects

Felix Eickelbeck:
The Discourse on Cruelty to Animals in Colonial India in a Global Context. Between Imperialism, Racism and Animal Protection.
Rafael Kloeber:
Saiva Siddhanta in Tamil Nadu

Manju Ludwig:
Discourses of colonial modernity: The construction of morals, hierarchy and social discrimination with regard to dissident identities in 19th and 20th century India

Eleonor Marcussen:
Participation, Governance and Social Change in Relief Work and Reconstruction after Natural Disasters in India (19th-20th century)

Ravi Mehra:
Civil Disobedience in Nehruvian India: Lohia, the Socialists and the Nation-wide Civil Disobedience Campaign of 1960

Completed Ph.D. dissertations (since 2000)

Ankur Kakkar:
Shiksha in Early Colonial North India: A reassessment of indigenous education in late eighteenth and early nineteenth century Benares

Prabhat Kumar:
Re-Configuring ‘Punch’ and ‘Matwala’: Satire, Caricature and Cartoon in Hindi (1868-1947)

Divya Narayanan:
Cultures of Food and Gastronomy in Mughal and Post-Mughal India

Manjusha Kuruppath:
"Dutch Drama and the Company's Orient - A study of Representation and its Information Circuits c.1650 - 1780" (2014)

Nationising Kings: Modern Indian Discourses on Kingship as the basis of Nationhood, 1858-1947 (with a primary focus on Bengal) (2014)

Soumen Mukherjee:
"Community Consciousness, Development, Leadership: The Experience of Two Muslim Groups in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century South Asia" (2010)

Ali Usman Qasmi:
"Questioning the Authority of the Past: The Ahl al-Qur´ än Movements in the Punjab" Heidelberg (2009)

Datta, Polly:
"Centripetal Bias in the Federal Fiscal Relations in India Growing Regional Disparity, Perception of Discrimination-A Case Study of West Bengal" (2004)

Schendel, Jörg:
"The Mandalay Economy. Upper Burma`s External Trade, c.1850-1890" (2003)

Sengupta-Frey, Indra:
"From Salon to Lehrstuhl. Indology as a discipline at German universities: The case of Berlin, Bonn and Tübingen, 1821-1914" (2002)

Dohrmann, Jona:
"Directive Principles of State Policy in der indischen Verfassung unter Berücksichtigung der Staatszielbestimmungen des deutschen Grundgesetzes" (2001)

Fischer-Tiné, Harald:
"Der Gurukul Kangri und die Erziehung der Arya Nation. Geschichte und Ideologie eines antikolonialen Bildungsexperimentes in Britisch-Indien (1897-1922)" (2000)

Frenz, Margret:
"Vom Herrscher zum Untertan. Spannungsverhältnis zwischen lokaler Herrschaftsstruktur und der Kolonialverwaltung in Malabar zu Beginn der britischen Herrschaft (1790-1805)" (2000)

Blum, Daniel:
"Sprache und Politik. Sprachpolitik und Sprachnationalismus in der Republik Indien und dem sozialistischen Jugoslawien (1945-1991)" (2000)
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