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Publikationen - Christoph Bergmann


    Peer reviewed articles and book chapters

  • BERGMANN, C., RODEN, P. & NÜSSER, M. (2017): Contested Fuelscapes: Producing Charcoal in Sub-Saharan Drylands. Area doi: 10.1111/area.12394
  • BERGMANN, C. 2016. The Himalayan Border Region: Trade, Identity and Mobility in Kumaon, India. Dordrecht: Springer (= Advances in Asian Human-Environmental Research).
  • RODEN, P., BERGMANN, C., ULRICH, A., & NÜSSER, M. (2016): Tracing Divergent Livelihood Pathways in the Drylands: A Perspective on two Spatially Proximate Locations in Laikipia County, Kenya. In: Journal of Arid Environments 124: 239-248.
  • BERGMANN, C. (2016): Confluent Territories and Overlapping Sovereignties: Britain's Nineteenth-century Indian Empire in the Kumaon Himalaya. Journal of Historical Geography 51: 88-98.
  • RODEN, P. & C. BERGMANN (2016) Esther's Life Story within a Dryland Biography: Livelihood Viability in Central Pokot, Kenya. The Unfamiliar: An Anthropological Journal. The Unfamiliar 5(1-2): 27-32.
  • GERWIN, M. & C. BERGMANN 2012. Geopolitical Relations and Regional Restructuring: The Case of the Kumaon Himalaya, India. In: Erdkunde: Archive for Scientific Geography 66(2): 91-107.
  • BERGMANN, C. / GERWIN, M. / NÜSSER, M. & W.S. SAX 2012. State Policy and Local Performance: Pasture Use and Pastoral Practices in the Kumaon Himalaya. In: Kreutzmann, H. (ed.): Pastoral Practices in High Asia. Agency of 'Development' Effected by Modernisation, Resettlement and Transformation. Dordrecht: Springer, pp. 175-194 (= Advances in Asian Human-Environmental Research).
  • BERGMANN, C. / GERWIN, M. / SAX, W.S. & M. NÜSSER 2011. Politics of Scale in a High Mountain Border Region: Being Mobile among the Bhotiyas of the Kumaon Himalaya, India. Nomadic Peoples 15(2): 104-129.
  • BERGMANN, C., GERWIN, M., NÜSSER, M. & SAX, W. S (2008): Living in a High Mountain Border Region: The Case of the 'Bhotiyas' of the Indo-Chinese Border Region. In: Journal of Mountain Science 5 (3): 122-129.

  • Non-peer reviewed articles in academic and public forums

  • BERGMANN, C. 2013. Changing Strategies of Resource Use: The Bhotiyas in the High Mountain Border Region of Uttarakhand, India [in German]. In: Gerhard, U. / Meier, G. / Nüsser, M. & S. Schmidt (eds.), Vielfältige Identitäten und Realitäten im Zeitalter der Globalisierung. Heidelberg: HGG-Journal 27, 31-33.
  • BERGMANN, C. & M. GERWIN 2012. Political Ecology and the Question of Scale: Mountain Pastoralists in the Developing State of Uttarakhand, India. In: RCC Perspectives 5, Special Issue on 'Fields and Forests: Ethnographic Perspectives on Environmental Globalization' (edited by Münster, U. / Münster, D. & S. Dorondel): 69-74.
  • BERGMANN, C. & M. GERWIN. 2011. The Bhotiyas in the Indo-Tibetan Borderland of Kumaon: Insights into an Interdisciplinary Research Project [in German]. Masala: Newsletter Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Südasien 6(1): 6-7.
  • PANDE, G. & C. BERGMANN 2009. Dharchula: A Border Town in the Mirror of History. Pahar 16: 317-324 [in Hindi].


  • BERGMANN,C. (2014): Moving the empire from past to future: the case of the Bhotiyas in the Indian Kumaon Himalaya. London (United Kingdom), SSAI graduate workshop on 'Crossing borders in South Asia' held at SOAS, University of London, 05.2014, London.
  • BERGMANN, C. (2014): The process of imperial transformation in the Indian Kumaon Himalaya. Workshop organized by the Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies at the University of Tübingen together with the SFB 1070 'Resource Cultures' on 'Living in Asian borderlands: an appreciation of resources', 02.2014, Tübingen.
  • BERGMANN, C. (2012): Flattening the Routes of Empire in the High and Tibetan Himalayas. 3rd Conference of the Asian Borderlands Research Network on 'Connections, Corridors, and Communities', 10.2012. Singapore.
  • BERGMANN, C. (2012): Transaction with Empire: On Certain Ritual Journeys in the Himalayas. Conference of the SFB 619 'Ritual Dynamics' on 'Ritual Journeys', 07.2012. Heidelberg.
  • BERGMANN, C. & GERWIN, M. (2011): Political Ecology and the Question of Scale: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Agro-pastoral Mobility in the High Mountain Border Region of Kumaon, India. Meeting of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde (DGV), session on 'Contested Environments: The Political Ecology of Agrarian Change and Forest Conservation', 09.2011. Vienna.
  • BERGMANN, C. & GERWIN, M. (2011): Imagined Rurality and the Rurality of Imaginations in the Kumaon Himalaya, India. Royal Geographical Society Annual International Conference, 09.2011. London.
  • BERGMANN, C. (2011): How Development Schemes Affect Society-Citizen-Nature Relationships: The Case of Kinnauri Pastoralists. International Science Forum (IWH), DFG-conference on 'Epistemological Effects of Development, 07.2011. Heidelberg.
  • BERGMANN, C. (2011): From the Poetics of Place to the Politics of Space and Back Again. Heidelberger Akademie der Wissenschaften, WIN-conference on 'Normative Raumordnungen', 03.2011. Heidelberg.
  • BERGMANN, C. (2010): Culture, Nature, Ecology' Zomia and the Politics of Scale in Kumaon. Colloquium of the Institute for Anthropology, 11.2010. Heidelberg.
  • BERGMANN, C. (2010): Seasonal Migration and the Darmanis' Ritual Cycle. Meeting of the regional group Himalaya (RG Himalayaraum) of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Völkerkunde (DGV) on 'Ritual and Performance', 07.2010. Heidelberg.
  • BERGMANN, C. (2010): What Happens if the Border is Closed? On Ritual Mastery and Vertical Control. Joint conference of the SFB 619, Cluster of Excellence 'Asia and Europe' and the DFG-project NU 102/10-1 on 'Border Rituals and Transcultural Studies', 05.2010. Heidelberg.
  • BERGMANN, C. (2008): Appropriating Space in the High Mountain Border Region of Kumaon, India. Indo-German conference on 'Living in High Altitudes: Culture and Environment in the Uttarakhand Himalaya', 11.2008. Nainital, Indien.
  • BERGMANN, C. (2007): Borders, Trade and Rituals in Uttarakhand. SFB 619 workshop on 'Ritual and Exchange Relations', 07.2007. Heidelberg.

Poster Beiträge

  • GERWIN, M., BERGMANN, C., SAX, W.S. & M. NÜSSER 2011. Scaling the Commons: Strategy of Resource Use among the 'Bhotyias' of the Kumaon-Himalayas, India. Leibniz Institute for Regional Devlopment and Structural Planning, International Research Workshop 'Territoriality of the Commons: Spatial Perspectives on the Governance of Public Goods in Past and Present', 29.-30. September 2011, Erkner (near Berlin).
  • GERWIN, M., BERGMANN, C., SAX, W.S. & M. NÜSSER 2010. Saisonale Migration zwischen geopolitischer Grenzziehung und kultureller Identifikation: Die Bhotiyas im Darma-Tal des Kumaon-Himalayas, Indien. Aktuelle Forschung in Gebirgsräumen: Gemeinsame Tagung von ARGE & AK Hochgebirge.3.-6. June 2010, Bayreuth.
  • NÜSSER, M., SAX, W.S., GERWIN, M. & C. BERGMANN 2008. Strategien der Ressourcennutzung im Wandel: Die 'Bhotiyas' des Hochgebirgs-Grenzraums von Uttarakhand (Indien). Jahrestreffen des Arbeitskreises Hochgebirge. 19.-20. January 2008, Passau.