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Dr. Paul Roden

E-Mail: paul.roden@gmail.com
Office hours: on appointment

Research focus

human-environment interactions
indigenous knowledge
participatory approaches
sustainable land management
Regional: Sub-Saharan Africa

Research projects


  • BERGMANN, C., RODEN, P. & NÜSSER, M. (2019): Contested Fuelscapes: Producing Charcoal in Sub-Saharan Drylands. Area 51 (1): 55-63.
  • RODEN, P., BERGMANN, C. (im Erscheinen). Esther’s Life Story within a Dryland Biography: Livelihood Viability in Central Pokot, Kenya. The Unfamiliar: An Anthropological Journal.
  • RODEN, P., BERGMANN, C., ULRICH, A., & NÜSSER, M. (2016): Tracing divergent livelihood pathways in the drylands: A perspective on two spatially proximate locations in Laikipia County, Kenya.In: Journal of Arid Environments 124: 239-248.
  • ULRICH, A., IFEJIKA SPERANZA, C., RODEN, P., KITEME, B., WIESMANN, U., NÜSSER, M, 2012. Small-scale farming in semi-arid areas: Livelihood dynamics between 1997 and 2010 in Laikipia, Kenya. In: Journal of Rural Studies 28, 241-251.
  • RODEN, P., ABRAHA, N., DEBESSAI, M., GHEBRESELASSIE, M., BERAKI, H., KOHLER, T.; Publisher: Geographica Bernensia 2007. Farmers' appraisal of pearl millet varieties in Eritrea. A study conducted by MOA NARI and SLM.
  • RODEN, P., ABRAHA, N., TESFAY, E., KOHLER, T.; Publisher: Geographica Bernensia 2006. Participatory on-farm appraisal of improved pearl millet varieties in Eritrea.
  • GURTNER, M., ZEWENGHEL, G., EYASSU, H., ZERAI, T., HADGU,Y., STILLHARDT,B., RODEN, P.; Publisher: Geographica Bernensia 2006. Land Management in the Central Highlands of Eritrea. A Participatory Appraisal of Conservation Measures and Soils in Afdeyu and its Vicinity.