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Dipl. Geogr. Johannes Anhorn

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Information on the Nepal Earthquake

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    Human - Environment - Interaction
    Natural Hazards
    Disaster Risk Management, Governance of Risk
    Vulnerability & Resilience
    (RADAR) Remote Sensing and GIS
    (Flood) Early Warning Systems
    Regional focus: South Asia (Nepal) and South East Asia (Philippines, Indonesia)

  • Member Working Group "Socio-Economic Vulnerability and Resilience" of the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Foundation
  • Member of katNET e.V. (katastrophennetzwerk e.V.)
  • Leader Study Group 'Water and Disaster Risk Scapes in Nepal' (master's course)

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Johannes Anhorn

Latest Publication
"Rapid Urban Growth and Earthquake Risk in Musikot, Mid-Western Hills, Nepal", ERDKUNDE,

Featured article with interview on SciDev.net