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Hadis Jahani, M.A.

Hadis Jahani, M.A. Hadis Jahani, M.A.


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Hadis Jahani completed her undergraduate (2006) and postgraduate (2009) studies in Sociology in Iran. Working on “modern identity formation among young internet users in Tehran” as her M.A. thesis, she developed her research interests in identity construction area. In 2013 she was awarded with a scholarship of the Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) and enrolled as a PhD candidate in the department of Anthropology, South Asia Institue, Heidelberg. Currently Hadis is working on her dissertation on “Memory, Music and Performative Construction of Identity among Yārisān”, under the supervision of Prof. William Sax. Her doctoral thesis is an ethnography of ritual practices of Yārisān as an ethno-religious community in so called Kurdistan of Iran. The main concern of this ethnography is to find out how they acquire their identity as a group by reconstructing their past collectively.

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2018. "We are like the river water, always flowing" : some urban nomads of Delhi. In: Soziale Ästhetik, Atmosphäre, Medialität

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HAU: Journal of Ethnographic Theory, 7(1), 303–326.


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Patient Agency Revisited: "Healing the Hidden" in South India.

Roman Sieler

Medical Anthropology Quarterly, 28: 323-341.


Modern Asian Studies

Volume 48 - Issue 05 - September 2014

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Asymmetrical Conversations

Contestations, Circumventions, and the Blurring of Therapeutic Boundaries

Epistemologies of Healing, Vol. 14, edited by Harish Naraindas, Johannes Quack, and William S. Sax, New York 2014.
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