University of Heidelberg


Head of Department

William S. Sax, Prof. Dr. Prof. Dr. William Sax
(Head of Department)
Room 130.02.21
Phone: +49 6221 54-15231

Sandra Joost Sandra Joost
(Secretary's Office)
Room 130.02.20
Phone: +49 6221 54-15230

Assistant Professors

Pallabi Roy, Phil. Pallabi Roy, M.Phil.
(Program Coordinator MA Health and Society in South Asia)
Room 130.02.18
Phone: +49 6221 54-15232
Dr. Philipp Zehmisch Dr. Philipp Zehmisch
(Assistant Professor & Programme Coordinator M.A. Health and Society in South Asia)
Room 130.02.23
Phone: +49 6221 54-15234


Dr. Astrid Berner-Rodoreda

Amna Mawaz Khan

Soonha Abro

Postdoctoral researcher

Dr. Dhammika Herath

Research Fellows

Dr. med. Ananda Samir Chopra Prof. Harish Naraindas
Dr. Sheela Saravanan Dr. Nike-Ann Schröder
Dr. Sinjini Mukherjee Dr. Kira Schmidt Stiedenroth
Dr. Mukesh Kumar Dr. Aditya Ghosh

Doctoral students

Hadis Jahani Vishehsaraei, M.A. Patricia Junge, M.A.
Kaberi Dutta, M.A. Abhimanyu Pandey, M.A.
Maitreyee Mishra, M.A. Vandana Vyas, M.A.
Egor Novikov Saee Haldule-Bonvin, M.Sc.

Research Assistants

Hiwi Office Dept. Anthropology

Phone: +49 6221 54-15233


Deekshya Bhal
(Department of Anthropology/ IT)

Vicky Kosmidis
(Department of Anthropology/ MAHASSA)

Former Faculty

Prof. Dr. Gabriele Alex Dr. Sandra Bärnreuther
Dr. Florian Besch Prof. Dr. Christiane Brosius
Dr. Stefan Ecks Prof. Dr. Roland Hardenberg
Prof. Dr. Beatrix Hauser Prof. Dr. Karin Polit
Dr. Mona Schrempf Dr. Roman Sieler
Dr. Christian Strümpell Dr. Constanze Weigl-Jäger
Dr. des. Jens M. Zickgraf Dr. Eva Ambos
Dr. Ferdinand Okwaro Dr. Johannes Quack
Heribert Beckmann, M.A.
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Asian and

Ethnology in Heidelberg

Summer term 2021

Conferences, Publications and externl lectures

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Recent Publications
Book Chapter

Energies Beyond the State:
Anarchist Political Ecology and the Liberation of Nature

Dr. Philipp Zehmisch



The Movement for Global Mental Health: Critical Views from South and Southeast Asia

(Ed.) Prof. Dr. William Sax with Claudia Lang



Unani Medicine in the Making:
Practices and Respresentations in 21st-century

Dr. Kira Schmidt Stiedenroth


Book Chapter

Patriots in Kala Pani:
Writing Subaltern Resistance into the National Memory

Dr. Philipp Zehmisch



Reviving “A forgotten Sunna:” Hijamah (cupping therapy), prophetic medicine, and the re-Islamization of Unani medicine in contemporary India

Dr. Kira Schmidt Stiedenroth

Online article


2018. "We are like the river water, always flowing" : some urban nomads of Delhi. In: Soziale Ästhetik, Atmosphäre, Medialität

Prof. Dr. William Sax

UB Heidelberg