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  • Webinar zur Buchvorstellung von „Tides of Life”, herausgegeben von Dr. Aditya Ghosh.

  • Die Abteilung Ethnologie heißt Dr. Philipp Zehmisch als neue Assistenz der Professur willkommen.

  • Die Abteilung Ethnologie heißt Dr. Pallabi Roy als neue MAHASSA-Koordinatorin neben Heribert Beckmann, M.A. willkommen.

  • Konferenzen und Seminare

    Dr. Aditya Ghosh

  • 11. November 2020: Webinar zur Buchvorstellung von „Tides of Life” [Infos]

  • Dr. Philipp Zehmisch

  • 11.02.22: “The ‘Long Partition’ of Baltistan: On the Intersection of Morality and Nation-Building“, Conference Placing Pakistan: Space, Time, and the Everyday, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, 11.02.22

  • 25.10.21: “In Search of ‘the Indigenous’ in Pakistan: Reflections on the tension between decolonization, modernization, and sustainable conservation”, Panel State Formation and Identity in Conversation: Exploring the Relation, Conference “Anthropology and Conservation”, Royal Anthropological Institute, London, 25.10.21

  • 30.09.21: “Making Sense of a Pandemic: Religion and COVID-19”, Panel Convener (with Natalie Lang), Conference of the German Anthropological Association Worlds, Zones, Atmospheres: Seismographies of the Anthropocene, University of Bremen, 30.09.21

  • 27.07.2021: “Between the mainland and the deep blue sea: Transformation and Continuity in South Asian Islands and Littorals”, Discussant of Panel 05, European Conference of South Asian Studies (ECSAS), University of Vienna, 27.07.21

  • 20.07.2021: “Borderland Ethics in Postcolonial Pakistan”, Colloquium, Department of Anthropology, Heidelberg University, 20.07.21

  • 08.07.2021: “Partitioned Borderlands: Ethics of Collaboration and Resistance in Baltistan”, Conference Society and Morality in Eurasia: from Prehistory to the Present Day, Max-Planck-Institute for Social Anthropology, 08.07.21

  • 15.05.2021: “The Politics of Artistic Identity”, Panel discussion, Exhibition Peepal and Banyan, Berlin 15.05.2021

  • 30.11.2020: “Pluralist Ethics versus Communalist Politics in the Andaman Islands: Secular Nostalgia or a Model for India?“, Lecture Series Hindu-Muslim Encounters, South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University, 30.11.2020

  • 07.11.2020: (with Srishtee Sethi) “Contentious Borderlands? Reflections on Co-existence, Belonging, and Shared Histories at the India-Pakistan Border“, Online Conference Borderlands Futures: Technologies, Zones, Co-existences, Asian Borderlands Research Network, 07.11.2020

  • 16.09.2020: (with Srishtee Sethi) "A partitioned past: The shared history of refugees at the Western borderlands of India and Pakistan", Royal Anthropological Institute, Conference Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present, and Future

  • 06.07.2020: “Between Public and Private: Ethical dilemmas of coping with COVID-19 in Pakistan”, International Webinar Social Impact of Covid 19: Challenges and Prospects, Sangyartham Research Foundation

  • Aktuelle Publikationen

    Prof. Dr. William Sax

  • 2021 The Movement for Global Mental Health: Critical Views from South and Southeast Asia. (Edited with Claudia Lang). Amsterdam University Press.

  • 2021 The Movement for Global Mental Health: Critical Voices from South Asia and Beyond, pp. 7-36 in Sax, Willam S. and Claudia Lang, eds., The Movement for Global Mental Health: Critical Views from South and Southeast Asia. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

  • 2021 Global Mental Therapy. pp. 271-299 in Sax, Willam S. and Claudia Lang, eds., The Movement for Global Mental Health: Critical Views from South and Southeast Asia. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press.

  • 2021 Divine Kingdoms and Border Politics in the Western Himalaya. In Diana Lange, Jarmila Ptáčková, Marion Wettstein und Mareike Wulff (eds.) Crossing Boundaries. Tibetan Studies Unlimited. Prague: Academia Publishing House.

  • Bevorstehend. Review of Chetan Singh, Himalayan Histories (SUNY Press). European Bulletin of Himalayan Research 56

  • Bevorstehend. Transculturalism Beyond Dualism: in memory of Rudolph Wagner. ed. Monica Juneja.

  • Dr. Mukesh Kumar

  • “Neither here nor there: The betwixt and between Religious Imaginary of Lāldās” In Routledge Handbook of South Asian Religions Jacobsen, Knut A. (Ed.), Routledge, 2020, pp. 242-261.

  • Competition and Contestation at a Hindu-Muslim Shrine: The Case of the Sant Laldas in Mewat, north India” In Sacred Sites and Sacred Stories Across Cultures: Transmission of Oral Tradition, Myth, and Religiosity, Kim, David W. (Ed.), Palgrave Macmillan, 2020, pp. 226-262.

  • Dr. Philipp Zehmisch

  • 2021: „Über das Schweigen Sprechen: 100 Jahre Adivasi-Migration auf die Andamanen”, Südasien 1, 2021. 88–89.

  • In Druck: “The Conservation of Anarchy: Ethnographic Reflections on Forest Policies and Resource Use”, in: Anarchist Political Ecology, edited by Simon Springer et al., Rowman & Littlefield

  • In Druck: “Bengali Hindu Refugees in the Andaman Islands”, in: The Routledge Handbook of Refugees in India, edited by S. Irudaya Rajan, New Delhi: Routledge

  • In Druck: “Moral Challenges at the Intersection of Religion, Politics, and COVID-19 in Pakistan”, in: CoronAsur: Asian Religions in the Covidian Age, edited by Carola Lorea, Natalie Lang, Emily Hertzman, Erica Larson. University of Hawai’i

  • 2020: "Moral and religious responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in Pakistan”, CoronAsur: Religion and COVID-19, Asia Research Institute: National University of Singapore.

  • 2020: "Patriots in Kala Pani: Writing Subaltern Resistance into the National Memory”, in: Banerjee, Rita (ed.): Cultural Histories of India: Subaltern Spaces, Peripheral Genres, and Alternate Historiography. London/ New York: Routledge. 67–88.

  • 2020: "Speaking about Silence: One Hundred Years of Adivasi Migration to the Andamans”, Fieldsights, Society for Cultural Anthropology (SCA).

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    Book Chapter

    Energies Beyond the State:
    Anarchist Political Ecology and the Liberation of Nature

    Dr. Philipp Zehmisch



    The Movement for Global Mental Health: Critical Views from South and Southeast Asia

    (Ed.) Prof. Dr. William Sax with Claudia Lang



    Unani Medicine in the Making:
    Practices and Respresentations in 21st-century

    Dr. Kira Schmidt Stiedenroth


    Book Chapter

    Patriots in Kala Pani:
    Writing Subaltern Resistance into the National Memory

    Dr. Philipp Zehmisch



    2018. Reviving “A forgotten Sunna:” Hijamah (cupping therapy), prophetic medicine, and the re-Islamization of Unani medicine in contemporary India

    Dr. Kira Schmidt Stiedenroth

    Zum Artikel


    2018. "We are like the river water, always flowing" : some urban nomads of Delhi. In: Soziale Ästhetik, Atmosphäre, Medialität

    Prof. Dr. William Sax

    Zur UB Heidelberg