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Article by Rahul Mukherji and Himanshu Jha in Economic and Political Weekly
Professor Rahul Mukherji, Head of the Department of Political Science at SAI, and Dr. Himanshu Jha, Lecturer and Research Fellow at the same Department, recently published an article in the Economic and Political Weekly (Vol. 52, Issue No. 49). The article is entitled „Bureaucratic Rationality, Political Will, and State Capacity - MGNREGS in Undivided Andhra Pradesh“ and is available here.

The successful implementation of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in undivided Andhra Pradesh underlines the triumph of citizen formation over patron-client politics, aided by a democratic politics. This article argues that its success in Andhra Pradesh depended heavily on how the ideas within the rural development bureaucracy interacted with the political executive. This synergy engendered a state’s capacity to insulate a committed bureaucracy from powerful farmers and construction companies who had a clear interest in thwarting the programme. Elections can in a democracy elevate citizen concern over particularistic populism, when political will is matched by ideational conviction in the bureaucracy.

12 Dec 2017
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