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Postdoctoral Fellowship for Borayin Larois
Dr. Borayin Larios from the Department of Cultural and Religious History of South Asia has recently obtained a postdoctoral fellowship in the collaborative research project Indian Subcontinent’s Shared Sacred Sites: Religious Interactions and Relations with the Other (I-SHARE). The research project is funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR) and coordinated by A. Mohammad-Arif, C. Jaffrelot, G. Schlemmer et L. Gayer. The international consortium comprises 17 members and will be launched in March 2018. With Raphael Voix, Borayin Larios will co-lead a research group to examine how street-shrines shape everyday social interactions and contribute to the understanding of the dynamics and limits of coexistence and religious identity in urban India.
20 Sep 2017
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