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Article by Rafael Klöber in Journal of Hindu Studies
Rafael Klöber (Department of History, SAI) has co-edited the recent issue of The Journal of Hindu Studies (Volume 10, Issue 2) with Oxford University Press. For this thematic issue on „Modern Tamil Saivism and Tamil Saiva Siddhanta“, Klöber contributed the general introduction as well as the essay „What is Saiva Siddhanta? Tracing Modern Genealogies and Historicizing a Classical Canon“. The issue also includes further articles by Ulrich Harlass (Heidelberg University), Ulrike Schröder (FH Hermannsburg, formerly Heidelberg University), Srilata Raman (University of Toronto, formerly at the South Asia Institute) and Eric Steinschneider (University of Arizona). This volume aims at shedding light on the mostly neglected modern history of Tamil Saivism.
Further information is available here.
19 Sep 2017
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