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Welcome to Ram Singh
We cordially welcome Prof. Ram Singh from the Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, at the Department of Development Economics of the SAI. He is a specialist in Economics and Law. He received the Ronald Coase Fellowship in Institutional Economics and Fulbright Senior Research Fellowship in Economics and will stay until mid of July at the SAI.
Prof. Ram Singh holds a Ph.D (JNU, New Delhi) degree and Post-Doctorate (Harvard) in Economics. He has recently taught at the Delhi School of Economics, Brown University, University of Hamburg, Jawaharlal Nehru University, and has been Commonwealth Fellow at the London School of Economics. Moreover, he is co-editor of the Indian Economic Review.
Prof. Ram Singh's recent publications include “The Inefficiency of Compulsory Land Acquisition” in the Economic and Political Weekly; “The Efficiency of Comparative Causation” (with Francesco Parisi) in the Review of Law and Economics; “Delays and Cost Overruns in Infrastructure Projects: Extents, Causes and Remedies” in the India Policy Forum; “Comparative Vigilance” (with Allan Feldman), in the American Law and Economics Review.
For further information about Ram Singh, please see here.
02 May 2017
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