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CrossAsia-eBooks is online
The Open Access platform CrossAsia-eBooks is now online. It offers a new publication on labour migration and the first volumes of the series Berlin Geographical Papers.

In light of the upcoming FIFA world championship in Qatar, increasing international attention has turned to the large role of foreign workers in the rapid growth of many Gulf cities, as well as the often problematic working and living conditions of these laborers. Considerably less attention, however, has been given to the ‘other ends’ of those migration processes, namely the contexts from which these people originate and return to.

In her thesis Between Exploitation and Economic Opportunity?: Identities of Male Nepalese Labor Migrants in the Gulf Region Hannah Uprety investigates how these mostly male migrants and their families navigate through transnational lifestyles and how their identities are transformed alongside them.

Also new on CrossAsia-eBooks are the first volumes of the series Berlin Geographical Papers, which publishes scientific results from ongoing research projects at the Centre for Development Studies, Freie Universitaet Berlin. The regional research focus is directed on Asia, and more specifically on South and Central Asia. The results are related to geographical development studies in a broader sense. The series aims to make research findings accessible to an interested public without delay and as open source.

The Open Access platform CrossAsia-eBooks offers researchers in Asian Studies a possibility to publish their research in time and free of charges. For questions please contact Nicole Merkel-Hilf.

26 Jul 2016
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