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Lecture by Dr. Douglas Hill on 30.05.2016
We cordially invite you to the lecture by Dr. Douglas Hill (Senior Lecturer in Development Studies, University of Otago, New Zealand) entitled "Approaching development in the time of Modi: space, territoriality and limits of aspirational neo-liberalism" on May 30, 2016, 6.00 p.m. in room Z10, South Asia Institute. Further information is available on the poster.

This lecture analyses the complex, dynamic and multifaceted set of processes by which power is contested in contemporary India, using the conceptual tools most usually found in disciplines such as Human Geography and Development Studies. A multi-scalar analytical framework is utilised to discuss processes of uneven development, contestation and changing state-society relations that together continue to condition the trajectory of India’s polity and society. This analysis is situated within a review of how different disciplinary traditions have conceptualised the study of Indian development. In doing so, the lecture suggests how alternative approaches to uneven development in India can challenge the epistemic and ontological closures of the current neoliberal conjuncture. The last part of the lecture is focused on what the tenure of Narendra Modi’s NDA government may portend for the possible futures of India. It argues that the rise of a strain of neoliberal, semi-authoritarian populism that seeks to foreclose on dissenting voices problematizes the potential for just and sustainable development.  

24 May 2016
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