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“CrossAsia - Fachinformationsdienst Asien” approved by the DFG

The South Asia Institute, the University Library of Heidelberg and the Berlin State Library had collaboratively submitted a proposal for a “Fachinformationsdienst Asien” to the German Research Foundation (DFG), which was approved at the end of 2015 by the DFG.

For the coming three years the three institutions will - in close exchange with the scientific community - build up new information services for Asian Studies. These will be accessible via the portal CrossAsia. The University Library and the South Asia Institute are responsible for South Asia, while the Berlin State Library is in charge of East Asia, Central Asia and South East Asia.
One focus remains on collection building with print as well as electronic materials based on current trends in research as well as the wishes and needs of researchers. By developing better search and order options user will have quicker access to relevant material be it print, electronic or open access.
Another emphasis will be on developing the three Open Access platforms CrossAsia-Repository, CrossAsia Journals and CrossAsia Books further by implementing additional functions such as high quality Print-on-Demand options or annotation tools.

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26 Jan 2016
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