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Welcome to Judith Müller
Judith Müller (M.A.) joined the Junior Research Group "Environment and Health in Arid Regions: Dynamics of Urbanization, Challenges of Water Resource Management and New Risks for Human Well-Being" ( with the Group Leader Dr. Juliane Dame (SAI-Department Geography) in October 2014.
In her research project she is studying water management in the context of advancing urbanisation in the city of Leh, North India. A special focus lies on the analysis of power relations of the multiple actors in a postcolonial context.

Judith Müller earned her Master’s degree in Geography and Communication at the Johannes Gutenberg-University in Mainz in June 2014. In her master thesis (“Identity and National Park - The Gorani in Kosvo”) she analysed interactions of different actors in an international national park project from a postcolonial perspective. In her ongoing dissertation, she will as well integrate both human and physical geographical approaches.
29 Oct 2014
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