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Talk and Visual Presentation on “Heiliges Indien” in New Delhi
On Tuesday, 25th of February in the India International Centre, New Delhi, Prof. Axel Michaels and Photographer Amit Pasricha will present their Photo Book “Heiliges Indien” with a talk and a visual presentation. In November 2013, the German Photo Book Prize 2014, Silver was conferred on Amit Pasricha and Prof. Axel Michaels.

In their book Amit Pasricha and Axel Michaels document and explain the manifold religious life in India. Pasricha, a well-known name in the field of panoramic photography, took pictures not only at temples, mosques and monasteries, but also during prayers, sacrificial offerings and religious festivals. His photographs lay before the viewer the colorful, intricate mosaic of Indian religion, spirituality, ritual and tradition. Prof. Michaels provided the background information about religions in India as well as explanatory text to the images.

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21 Feb 2014
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