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SAI-Award 2013 for Anna Lena Wolf, Julia Poerting and Almut Büchsel

Three winners from various disciplines, which completed their studies at the SAI, were honored with the SAI-Award 2013, an association of friends and sponsors of the SAI, on 24th October, 2013. The price was awarded for the master's theses of Anna Lena Wolf (Anthropology) and Julia Poerting (Geography) as well as for the bachelor thesis of Almut Büchsel (History).

Anna-Lena Wolf

Anna-Lena Wolf  investigated in her master´s thesis „Ethnologische Perspektiven auf geistige Behinderung am Beispiel einer empirischen Forschung zu Stigmatisierungen von Menschen mit Lernschwierigkeiten in Varanasi“ the processes of social stigma in Indian Varanasi (Uttar Pradesch). The study is a major anthropological contribution to disability studies and an important step towards the recognition and enforcement of human rights for people with disabilities.

Julia Poerting

Julia Poerting examines in her master's thesis entitled „Vulnerabilität und Konflikt im Paradies. Eine Analyse des rezenten Konfliktgeschehens in Swat, Kyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan“  the causes of conflict and contexts of vulnerability in the Swat conflict in northern Pakistan, a conflict between Islamic fundamentalists and the Pakistani state power that massively escalated since 2007 and developed  by 2009 to  an open war. The thesis offers a very convincing argumentation, which connects own empirical work skillfully with a profound literature review.

Almut Büchsel

Almut Büchsel  asks in her bachelor thesis „Verschränkte Geschichten, Imperialer Feminismus und universale Weiblichkeit. „Global Sisterhood“ und das Bild der „indischen Frau“ in den transnationalen Geschichten Margaret Cousins und Eleanor Rathbones Frauenwahlrecht-Engagement in Indien zwischen 1915 und 1935“ for possibilities, contradictions and hierachies of a feminist „we“, which attempts to determine a „female“ identity across cultural boundaries. This innovative topic was developed independently by the candidate and supported with an intensive source analysis.

11 Nov 2013
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