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Fourth Inter-University Doctoral Workshop in Development Economics, September 28-29, 2011

organized by
Department of Development Economics
South Asia Institute
Ruprecht-Karls Universität

Internationales Wissenschaftsforum Heidelberg (IWH),
Hauptstraße 242, 69117 Heidelberg

Wednesday, September 28
Panel Discussion on the Indian Microfinance Crisis in cooperation with Oikocredit
19:30     Informal Dinner (self-paid)

Thursday, September 29
09:00     Welcome and Introduction

Household Decisions and Development

Antje Kröger (DIW Berlin): Migration, Parental Decision Making and Children's outcomes
Malte Reimers (University of Göttingen): The Role of Education for Agricultural Productivity
10:45-11:15     Coffee Break
Haa Lu (University of Frankfurt): Insurance and Agricultural Household Investment Behaviour: Evidence from Vietnam
Markus Olapade (University of Mannheim): Insurance Literacy and Insurance Demand - Evidence from a Field Experiment
12:45-13:45     Lunch

Development and the Macroeconomy

Katerina Gradeva (University of Frankfurt): International Trade and Corruption
Jochen Laps (University of Heidelberg): Pension Schemes and the Sharing of Demographic Risk
Katharina Mühlhoff (University of Mannheim): Infectious Disease and the State - The Case of Smallpox Vaccination in 19th Century Germany and France
16:00-16:30    Coffee Break

Ethnicity and Conflict

Hanne Roggemann (University of Frankfurt): Differences in Consumption Smoothing across Ethnic Groups - Evidence from Vietnam
Damir Esenaliev (DIW Berlin): Are Uzbeks better off? Ethnicity and Economic Welfare in Kyrgyzstan
Johannes Rieckmann (University of Göttingen): Violent Behaviour - The effect of Civil Conflict on Domestic Violence in Colombia

Prof. Dr. Tilmann Brück (DIW Berlin)
Prof. Dr. Markus Frölich (University of Mannheim)
Prof. Dr. Stefan Klonner (University of Heidelberg)
Prof. Dr. Matthias Schündeln (University of Frankfurt)
Prof. Dr. Michèle Tertilt (University of Mannheim)

09 Sep 2011
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