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Talk on July 21st on Pakistan-Iran. Relations in the Changing Security Environment
The Pakistan Working Group at SAI cordially invites to the talk on "Pakistan-Iran. Relations  in the Changing Security Environment" by Dr. Nazir Hussain
Department of International Relations, Qaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad
on Wednesday, 21 July 2010,
at  5.30 pm, room Z10

Abstract: Pakistan and Iran are the two important players in South West Asia. Their relations have enjoyed many similarities but have also been deeply influenced by unfavorable security environment. Having shared common history, religion, language and traditions, they assume greater position in the region. The peace and stability of the region is determined and assessable with the nature of their relations. With the passage of time their relations have experienced many ups and downs. The significance of this relation can hardly be over emphasized. For Pakistan, Iran provides much needed natural depth and support in the eventuality of any out break of hostilities on the eastern borders. Consequently for Iran, Pakistan serves as a vital link to West Asia, especially, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf in the context of building a psychological bridge. Furthermore, Pakistan is located at the crossroad of West, Central and South Asia and has strong ties with China. The interdependence of Iran and Pakistan makes this relationship even more important in the contemporary strategic environment. In the post 9/11 strategic environment the world seems to be behind the US in its war against terrorism whereas, inwardly, various undercurrents are gradually shaping up the strategic dynamics of the region. Under these changing circumstances, the relations between Pakistan and Iran assume greater significance. Therefore, this presentation attempts to look into this relationship in the changing environment focusing on security, economic and social issues confronting the two states and their implication for the region.
14 Jul 2010
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