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Visit of the Ambassador of Bangladesh on May 12th 2011
On Thursday, May 12th, his excellency Mosud Mannan, the ambassador of Bangladesh, will visit the SAI. On 11h at Z 10 his excellency will give a public talk on "The Emergence of Bangla as the State Language". In the afternoon students from Bangladesh will have the opportunity to meet the ambassador informally (Cafeteria, 17h). The purpose of the visit is also to prepare ground for a guest professorship. For this reason the schedule of the ambassador includes further meetings with the SAI directors as well as the vice rector for international relations, Prof. Dr. Thomas Pfeiffer.
Second Chairholder of Heinrich-Zimmer Chair arrived
Earlier this week the second chairholder of the Heinrich-Zimmer Chair, the Indian Philosopher and Historian Senior Assistant Professor Heeraman Tiwari (JNU, New Delhi) arrived in Heidelberg. Prof. Tiwari's research focuses on Indian Philosophy (Epistemology, Language, Logic, Moral Philosophy and Buddhist Thoughts); Intellectual History of Ancient and Medieval India; Sanskrit Language and Literature; Hindu, Buddhist and Jaina Religious History; Medieval Hindi Literature and Literary Criticism. Prof. Tiwari will offer two courses and has his office at SAI, room 401. Further information find also here
Matinée on the occasion of the 150th birthday of Rabindranath Tagore
On Sunday, May 15th, 11.30h at the Karl-Jaspers Center, Vossstr.2, Building Nr.4400, 69115 Heidelberg we are happy to announce the
Matinée on the occasion of the 150th birthday of Rabindranath Tagore.
At the event poet Alokeranjan Dasgupta will recite from the work of Tagore supported by Prof. Hans Harder, Christian Weiß (Draupadi Verlag), Ursula Bickermann-Aldinger and Ingrid von Heiseler. The matinee includes a dance performance by Sandra Ludwig.
40th Anniversary of the Independence of Bangladesh

In these days Bangladesh celebrates the 40th anniversary of its declaration of independence. The German press reports almost nothing about it, one exception was an article in Spiegel Online (see below). The South Asia Institute of Heidelberg University would like to take this opportunity to call attention to some interesting web resources.

Many of these links are available at the SavifaGuide a database of internet resources on South Asia, which is a part of the Virtual Library South Asia located at the South Asia Institute. The next issue of the Savifa Newsletter will include a contribution from Hans-Martin Kunz with a detailed description and classification of the web resources listed here:

A special luxury edition of poems by Muhammad Iqbal: Donation to the library of the SAI
A special luxury edition of poems by Muhammad Iqbal (1877 - 1938) has been donated to the library of the South Asia Institute. The edition is illustrated by the famous calligrapher Abdur Rahman Chughtai and had belonged to Klaus Natorp, a journalist who wrote for the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) on South Asia. Natorp had received this rare edition personally from the former president of Pakistan Mohammad Zia-ul-Haq (1924 - 1988) and it includes a handwritten dedication by the president to the previous owner. For further information regarding the donation see also the press release by Heidelberg University.

Luxury edition of poems
by Muhammad Iqbal
(1877 bis 1938)

The Secret of Life (Persian)Command of God
The Suffering of the World

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