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Lecture on "Growing in the Shadow: Challenges of Informality" on 17.01.2019

On 17 January 2019, a lecture on "Growing in the Shadow: Challenges of Informality" by Shu Yu, Development Economic Prospects Group, World Bank will take place at Alfred Weber Institute for Economics, Room 00.010. The lecture will be organized by Stefan Klonner, Head of Department of Development Economics at South Asia Institute. All interested students and colleagues are cordially invited. Presentation language is English. The poster is available here.

Abstract: The informal sector accounts for about a third of GDP and 70 percent of employment (of which self-employment is more than a half) in emerging market and developing economies. Informality is more widespread in lower-income countries and in those with a larger agricultural sector and a higher share of unskilled workers. Overcoming the challenges of informality requires a balanced mix of policies that carefully takes into account country-specific drivers. A well-designed policy framework should include measures aimed at reducing regulatory and tax burdens, expanding access to finance, improving education and other public services, and strengthening public revenue frameworks.

Donnerstag, 12/20/18.

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