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Dieter Conrad Memorial Lecture

The South Asia Institute of Heidelberg University established in honor of the law scientist Dieter Conrad (1932-2001) the annual Dieter Conrad Memorial Lectures in 2003. The South Asia Institute would like to acknowledge the outstanding work of Dieter Conrad in the field of law in the entire South Asian region, Gandhi's philosophy of law and the Indo-German academic exchange.

Dieter Conrad headed the department of law at the South Asia Institute of Heidelberg University from 1963 until his retirement in 1997.

Overview of all previous Dieter Conrad Memorial Lectures



Title of Lecture

27th June 2013

Prof. Dr. David Ludden

Department of History

New York University, USA

Asian histories of globalization: long distance mobility and territorial power in the longue duree

8th May 2012

Prof. Dr. Sheldon Pollock

Professor of South Asia Research

Columbia University, New York

What is South Asian Knowledge Good For?

15th July 2011

Professor Philipp Dann, LL.M.

Professor of Public and Comparative Law

University of Gießen 

Federal Democracy in India and the EU


28th June 2010

Prof. Dhruv Raina

Indian Philosophy and Intellectual History

Heinrich Zimmer Chair

University of Heidelberg

The Impossible Dream of Needham‘s Indian Apostle

12th June 2009

Prof. Mark Nichter

Professor of Anthropology, Family and Community Medicine

University of Arizona

Hybrid Medicine for Hybrid People: Ayurveda, Popular Health Culture and Globalization

26th June 2008

Prof. em. Hermann Kulke

Professor emeritus of Asian History

University of Kiel

Dietmar Rothermund und die Geschichte Südasiens


28th June 2007

Prof. em. Amiya K. Bagchi

Professor of Development Economics and Economic Policy Advisor to the Government of West Bengal

Institute of Development Studies Kolkata

University of Calcutta



Public health, governance and the market in South Asia: the way forward



Modernity, malady and

medicine: politics, health policy and implementation in India after independence

13th June 2006

Prof. em. Jan Assmann

Professor emeritus of Egyptology

University of Heidelberg

Gandhi und der Begriff des Politischen – Staat, Religion und Gewalt

24th June 2005

Prof. J. Patrick Olivelle

Professor of Sanskrit and Indian religions

Department of Asian Studies

University of Texas

Criminal Law and Religious

Penance: Constructing Social

Order in Ancient India

25th June 2004

Prof. Mahendra P. Singh

Professor of Law

Faculty of Law

University of Delhi

The Challenge of ‘The Human Right to Basic Necessities of Life’ in South Asia

27th June 2003

Prof. Werner Menski

Professor of classical and modern Hindu law, Islamic law and Comparative Law

The School of Oriental and African Studies

University of London

From dharma to law and back?
Postmodern Hindu law in a global world


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