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Heidelberg Alumni India (HAIN) Contest 2016

Dear Alumni,

As promised earlier this year during our HAIN National Alumni Meeting in New Delhi we return to you with details on the exciting international event “20 Years HAI Anniversary Celebration 2016” in Heidelberg next year and your possible participation in it.

Keeping our motto of growing Heidelberg University’s internationalization, visibility and its commitment to support and grow alumni networking, we proudly present you “The HAIN Contest 2016”.

The idea of this contest is to reward your active participation in promoting Heidelberg University, Heidelberg Alumni International (HAI) and Heidelberg Alumni India (HAIN) in India. This promotion can be done in two areas:

A) Promoting Heidelberg University by fostering Indo-German research collaborations, exchange programs, joint events and identifying funding sources.

B) Promoting HAI and HAIN by conducting alumni meetings, identifying and mobilizing more alumni to register on HAInet and on HAIN and keeping them engaged.

The two best contributors will be supported through air travel and accommodation to attend the “20 Years HAI Anniversary Celebration” in Heidelberg in July 2016.

Eligible for participation are all former and current students, researchers, administrative and teaching staff of Heidelberg University who are registered with Heidelberg Alumni International (HAI).

To join the network please visit

For further details on the procedure, the criteria and the timelines of the contest please see the call for participation.

In case you have additional questions please feel free to send an e-mail to 

We look forward to your participation and ideas as well as to supporting you!

Your teams of HAIN, HAI and HCSA

Posted on 24 Aug 2015
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