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Sustainable Water Resource Management: Perspective from Europe and South Asia

Heidelberg University jointly with Free University Berlin and in partnership with TERI University and Kashmir University organize a two day event on “Sustainable Water Resource Management: Perspective from Europe and South Asia”, which will take place between September 28-29, at the German House for Research and Innovation, DWIH, New Delhi.

The event aims at bringing together top-notch scholars, experts and practitioners from Germany and India, from both public and private sector, covering various aspects of water resource management (e.g., decentralized approaches to water management such as ground water management and regulation; IT-based solutions to water management, public-private partnerships, aquaculture and transboundary water resources cooperation, etc.).

In a working, knowledge transfer oriented environment that bridges science, policy and practice, the participants will present their work, initiatives and ideas, exchange their views and approaches, and jointly seek for commonalities and innovative solutions to secure a sustainable and efficient water resource management. The workshop proceedings will be recorded and its findings will be presented to the public in a panel discussion format, the following day.

Posted on 11 Nov 2015
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