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'Citizenship in India', Lecture by Prof. Subrata Mitra, Nov 16 5 pm, Centre for Islamic Culture
Citizenship is a deceptively simple concept. It's easy familiarity and frequent use in public documents belie its underlying complexity. Diverse usages of the term citizenship raise question about its congnitive content.
The lecture presents the preliminary results of an attempt to measure citizenship, defined as a specific form of political identity, deriving from a set of core considerations of rights and values perceived as fundamental to a sense of personhood.
This research is embedded in the Cluster's Project 'Citizenship as Conceptual Flow: Asia in a Comparative Perspective'.
Prof. Mitra is Coordinator of the Project as well as Speaker of Research Area A 'Governance and Administration'. He further heads the Department of Political Science at the South Asia Institute.
Posted on 12 Nov 2009
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