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September 14, 11.00
Department of Political Science

Heidelberg University is a classical, research-oriented, comprehensive university. The range of subjects comprises the humanities and social sciences, law, the natural and life sciences and medicine.
Founded in 1386, Heidelberg University has a long tradition of internationality and is globally recognized to hold top position in many fields. Thanks to the continuous strengthening of its international networks, the university is able to offer junior scientists excellent possibilities for qualification and development.
Heidelberg University Day at Jamia Millia Islamia University will consist of two presentations, one on research and study possibilities in Germany and one on funding opportunities, which will be followed by an interaction with students and members of the faculty.
All interested persons are cordially invited!
Posted on 11 Nov 2015
Sustainable Water Resource Management: Perspective from Europe and South Asia

Heidelberg University jointly with Free University Berlin and in partnership with TERI University and Kashmir University organize a two day event on “Sustainable Water Resource Management: Perspective from Europe and South Asia”, which will take place between September 28-29, at the German House for Research and Innovation, DWIH, New Delhi.

The event aims at bringing together top-notch scholars, experts and practitioners from Germany and India, from both public and private sector, covering various aspects of water resource management (e.g., decentralized approaches to water management such as ground water management and regulation; IT-based solutions to water management, public-private partnerships, aquaculture and transboundary water resources cooperation, etc.).

In a working, knowledge transfer oriented environment that bridges science, policy and practice, the participants will present their work, initiatives and ideas, exchange their views and approaches, and jointly seek for commonalities and innovative solutions to secure a sustainable and efficient water resource management. The workshop proceedings will be recorded and its findings will be presented to the public in a panel discussion format, the following day.

Posted on 11 Nov 2015
First Indo-German Dialog on Excellence in Research and Innovation - “Internationalization as the Key Impulse”
The first symposium in the series Indo-German Dialogue on Excellence in Research and Education took place on 14 October 2015 at the German Embassy. It was organized by DAAD in cooperation with Freie Universitšt Berlin, Universitšt Heidelberg, University of Cologne and TUM, and funded by the DWIH. The first symposium focussed on the topic: ‘Internationalisation as a Key Impulse for Excellence in Research and Education. Three Indo-German Expert Panels addressed the audience with themes like Creating Structures of Academic Governance, Promoting International Mobility- Inbound and Outbound and Institutionalising Cooperations and Networks- Alumni Groups and Research Clusters. Please find the full programme here.
Heidelberg University was represented by Dr. Martin Gieselmann (South Asia Institute), who together with Professor Dr. Dhruv Raina (JNU) spoke on “Institutionalising Co-operations and Networks - Alumni Groups and Research Clusters”. Their joint presentation was moderated by Professor Dr. Amita Chandra from the Delhi University and was followed by a lively Q&A session.
This unique form of Indo-German exchange aims at bringing together Indian and German decision makers and leading experts in the education sector, to jointly and comprehensively discuss the multifaceted and all-encompassing aspects of excellence in teaching and research, to exchange ideas and experiences with regard to the challenges and opportunities and to identify areas of mutual interest.   
The second symposium in the series will take place on the 20th of November 2015 at the Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan in Bangalore. The theme for the half-day event is Industry Academia Cooperation as a Key Impulse for Excellence. Heidelberg University will be represented by Dr. Sigurd Weinreich (Head - Research, Dept. of Industry Cooperation and Technology Transfer) who will speak on “Challenges and Success Factors for Industry-Academia Collaboration”. 

Posted on 26 Oct 2015

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