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Classical indology researches on the texts in old and middle-indo languages (Vedic, Sanskrit, Pali, Prakrit) and in some singular cases with the older levels of languages of more modern indian languages. Poems, cites and prose of old indian priest texts, the veda, are written in the vedic language, connected to the old iranian languages.

B.A. South Asian Studies

The Bachelor of Arts programme South Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary and practically oriented study programme at the South Asia Institute with the objective of imparting practical language skills and philological, cultural and socio-scientific knowledge.
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M.A. Cultural and Religious History of South Asia

The programme is designed to facilitate a focussed study of the Cultural and Religious History of South Asia together with a dedicated training in the philological and ethno-indological approaches.
The curriculum of the programme comprises courses regarding the deepening of the competence in critically analyzing and interpreting Sanskrit texts, the social and cultural history as well as the indigenous knowledge and philosphy of South Asia. Supplementary, courses in manuscriptology, paleography and documentation are offered. Moreover, the students learn a second language to complement the Sanskrit sources.
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