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"Navarātri" Brill Online Encyclopedia Entry by Ute Huesken
Ute Huesken


Brill’s Encyclopedia of Hinduism Online

Ed. by Knut A. Jacobsen, Helene Basu, Angelika Malinar & Vasudha Narayanan

Modeling the Paninian System of Sanskrit Grammar by Anand Mishra
"Afterword: on the efficacy of 'blasphemy'" by Ute Huesken
Ute Huesken

Afterword: on the efficacy of 'blasphemy'

In: Outrage: The Rise of Offence in Contemporary South Asia.

Ed. by Paul Rollier, Kathinka Froystad and Arild Engelsen Ruud.
UCL Press 2019.
ISBN: 9781787355286

Priesterinnnen zwischen Tradition und Umbruch by Ute Huesken
Taeglich eine Portion Reis by Axel Michaels
Axel Michaels

Taeglich eine Portion Reis -
Ueber die wirtschaftliche und rituelle Bedeutung eines Grundnahrungsmittels in Nepal

Universitaet Heidelberg

Ausgabe vom 06./07. Juli 2019

Der nackte Gott by Ute Huesken
Ute Huesken

Der nackte Gott

Ausgabe vom 22./23. Juni 2019

Vielfalt mit langer Geschichte by Ute Huesken
Ute Huesken

Vielfalt mit langer Geschichte -
Indien zwischen Tradition und Moderne

Universitaet Heidelberg
Forschung und Lehre
(Ausgabe 4/19)

Chapters in Nine Nights of the Goddess by Ute Huesken and Astrid Zotter

Ute Huesken (Article), Astrid Zotter

In: Nine Nights of the Goddess: The Navaratri Festival in South Asia

Caleb Simmons, Moumita Sen and Hillary Rodrigues (eds.) 2018. Albany: State University of New York Press.

ISBN: 978-1-4384-7069-6

Chapter 2
"Which Durgā? What Navarātra? Remarks on Reconfigurations of Royal Rituals in the Kathmandu Valley" by Astrid Zotter

Chapter 9
"Ritual Complementarity and Difference: Navarātri and Vijayadaśami in Kāncipuram" by Ute Huesken
Kultur und Geschichte Nepals by Axel Michaels
Axel Michaels

Kröner Verlag 2018

ISBN 978-3-520-21201-6
Chapters in "South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal" by Borayin Larios (and Raphael Voix)
Borayin Larios (Articles)

South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal (SAMAJ). No. 18. 2018

SAMAJ No. 18
Chapters in "International Journal of Hindu Studies" by Monika Boehm-Tettelbach and Anand Mishra
Chapters on 'Rites of Passage' and 'Ritual' by Axel Michaels

Axel Michaels (Article)

In: Olivelle, Patrick and Donald R. Davis. Hindu Law - a new history of
Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2018.

Chapter 'Suedasien und Suedostasien' by Axel Michaels

Axel Michaels (Article)

In: Gehrke, Hans-Joachim (ed.) Die Welt vor 600.

Muenchen: C.H. Beck, 2017.
Reihe: Geschichte der Welt, ed. by Akira Iriye and Juergen Osterhammel.

ISBN: 978-3-406-64101-5

Asketen auf Zeit by Christof Zotter

Christof Zotter

Heidelberg; Berlin: CrossAsia-eBooks, 2018.


Studies in Historical Documents from Nepal and India by Simon Cubelic, Axel Michaels, Astrid Zotter (eds.)

Simon Cubelic, Axel Michaels, Astrid Zotter

Studies in Historical Documents from Nepal and India

Heidelberg: Heidelberg University Publishing, 2018
(Documenta Nepalica Book Series, Vol.1)

Reading Slowly: A Festschrift for Jens E. Braarvig by Ute Huesken et al.

Ute Huesken, Lutz Edzard, Jens W. Borgland (eds.)

Harrassowitz 2018

494 Pages

ISBN: 978-3-447-10964-2

"Translation and Transcreation: Monastic Practice in Transcultural Settings" by Ute Huesken

Ute Huesken (Article)

"Translation and Transcreation: Monastic Practice in Transcultural Settings".

In: Reading Slowly: A Festschrift for Jens E. Braarvig.

Lutz Edzard, Jens W. Borgland and Ute Huesken (eds.) pp. 257-272.

Harrassowitz 2018
ISBN: 978-3-447-10964-2
"Vaikhānasa" by Ute Huesken in Oxford Bibliographies in Hinduism