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Manik Bajracharya

Manik Bajracharya

Visiting Professor

Research Fellow of the German Research Foundation project "Wright Chronicle"

Research projects

Die nepalische Wright-Chronicle – Editio princeps, Neuübersetzung und topographischer Atlas

The "Wright Chronicle" is one of the very few buddhist chronicles of Nepal. It contains the dynasty histories as well as mainly legends and myths about various sanctuaries in Nepal, especially the Kathmandu valley. The english translation, written by a native scientist, has been edited by the physician Daniel Wright in 1877; the original text was not yet published by now.

This research project aims to publish the text - mainly written in old Nepali, Nevari and Sanskri - for the very first time. It plans to replace Wright's translation, which has many mistakes and gaps, by a new English tranlsation. Furthermore, it aims to add a topographic atlas, containing unpublished drawings and aquarells from about 1850 as well as topographic maps and floor plans, which were created on the basis of an explicit topographic survey.

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